Monuments and Museums

Archaeological Museum of Polygyros: 38km

The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros hosts findings from all over Halkidiki.The atrium exhibits marble sculptures and reliefs of Hellenistic and Roman times, mainly from various parts of Halkidiki. There is also a sandbox with incisions and a clay sarcophagus, amongst others, as well as a model representing part of Akanthos cemetery.

Archaeological Museum of Petralona: 58km

The findings of the Archaeological Museum of Petralona include replicas of the mausoleum of the ancient european human of Petralona. In addition, there you’ll find ​​the oldest traces of fire ever found (from the 24th geological level in the Petralona cave, which dates back over a million years), the first stone and bone made tools discovered in Nea Triglia of Halkidiki (dating back 11 million years) and findings from open spaces before the cave era in Nea Triglia, from Evia island, Ptolemaida, Halkidiki, the greater Aegean region, and other parts of Greece.

Museum of Fishing Boats and Tools in Moudania: 38,5km

In this museum one can discover the traditional and modern fishing techniques of the region, a range of fishing tools, navigation methods, various miniatures of fishing boats as well as the exceptional wealth of the seabed which is displayed in a specially designed room with the help of audiovisual media.

Folklore Museum of Nikiti: 1, 8km

Housed in a reconstructed, old school building that dates back to 1870, the Folklore Museum of Nikiti showcases over 1500 items, all having been donated and sourced with the aid of the municipality of Sithonia. The Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti contains a plethora of objects pertaining to the lives of the locals, including archival material, contemporary photography, testimonies, film documentaries and various artefacts that bring life to various stories about the Nikiti settlement.

Please note that it is best to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Some other useful distances from Miroes Suites:

  • Nikiti center 0,5km
  • Neos Marmaras 18km
  • Porto Carras Marina 22km
  • Poligiros-Ηospital 35km
  • SKG Makedonia Airport 95km
  • Thessaloniki city centre 105km
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